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Get My attention, or make My day by offering a tribute. Your tributes are pleasing and well accepted, as they demonstrate your acknowledgement and gratitude of your place, at My feet.

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The concept of tributes is often met with confusion or disdain. Many kinky people don't understand why they would choose to give their Mistress gifts or money, seemingly without return. There are multiple layers on which to understand tributes - on the surface, they are simply what you exchange for the time and attention of your Mistress.


And yet, there is more to this time-honoured practice. Below the surface, you find that there is tradition and ritual to this offering.


As Miss Ava Zhang so eloquently puts it:


"A submissive understands that he is categorically inferior to his Mistress in every regard. He relishes and delights in this notion of inequality, and this knowledge lies at the heart of behaving properly as a lowly slave. This way of thinking is a fetish in and of itself."

While this encapsulates the tradition and fetish of tributes, not all bottoms are slaves, and some just don't connect with this notion. A tribute is still more than a display of intentional inequality. A tribute is a way to express gratitude or admiration when words just aren't enough; a way to reinforce the dynamic at play and further sink into a submissive headspace. It is one of many ways in which a submissive tries to please their Mistress.

Tributes are multi-faceted, just like the people who give and receive them. Tributes can show anything from an indulgence in fantasy, to deep and thoughtful devotion. While session fees are compulsory, other tributes are optional - yet another tool and symbol with a rich history in this lifestyle.


It is a consideration of how care and warmth are expressed. As a professional Dominant, my time with you may be limited, and I have little interest in physical touch. Words of affirmation are appreciated, but restricted to role, so acts of service and gifts become My two primary love languages. I am a passionate person, and practical expressions of gratitude create warm feelings for Me. A gift as simple as a flower or as lavish as beautiful dungeon equipment guarantees that you will be on My mind.

There is another aspect - money is a deep-rooted fetish of Mine. As a student of politics and sociology I quickly learned of the inseparable bond between money and power, and developed a primal craving for the deep power exchange involved in financial domination. Money is just a tangible form of power. I only take part in total financial domination with those few who I know well, care for and trust, but financial tributes make my mind twitch in the same fantastic, guttural way.

Then, there is the practical element. There are huge investments that go in to becoming and working as a Professional Dominant. Dungeon spaces must be rented or owned and maintained, some equipment must be bought again for every new submissive, outfits must be bought and maintained, and transport must be financed consistently. Manifesting the Goddess that so many submissives desire requires intensive self care - fitness, diet, strength training, skin care and mental healthcare. Learning and maintaining the skills required to Dominate safely and flawlessly requires attendance of workshops, seminars and classes on a regular basis, endless research, and personalised planning.

While money can always be put to practical uses - such as towards the dungeon I want to build or the equipment and outfits you like to see Me use - tributes come in many forms, and thoughtfulness makes for the best tributes. My wishlists show you what I most need and desire, and contain a huge range of prices so as to fit every budget. Skills are welcomed tributes too, and are a display of your devotion and care - plant some flowers, build equipment, offer your services as a driver or jeweller. Just revel in your service and devotion, and bask in the warmth and joy that inspires.

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