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Find Your Place,
Beneath Mistress Stern

Take Control of Your Desires, And Surrender Them To Me

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I have been involved in kink and the community for a good number of years, and above all am drawn over and over to the evocation of authentic human reactions. Making your hair raise, your knees buckle, and your limbs shake is an energising breath of fresh air to Me, and I desire never to stop breathing it.

I crave to control every aspect of your being, and to bring your dark, forbidden fantasies to life. As your trusted guide and devious tormentor, I will probe deeply into and help you to explore those deep, hidden and perverted parts of yourself. I will take complete pleasure in turning you into My slave, masochist, object or pet. You will be brought to a place where you can surrender completely, under My total control.

I am as kind as I am cruel, and as caring as I am sadistic. Each dynamic is unique and individual, and will develop based on our needs and desires. I enjoy a wide variety of kinks, and am open to hearing what you most desire. As a Pro-Domme, my services are non-sexual and rooted in a deep understanding of kink. I take safety seriously, and will always keep play within the bounds of SSC and RACK.

As BDSM is an important part of my life, I am passionate about creating welcoming BDSM spaces that are safe for people of all races, gender identities, sexual orientations, experience levels and mobility needs. My dungeon is an inclusive space, and all kink roles and identities are welcome. 

*Please let me know in your application whether you need our session to take place in a wheelchair-friendly or otherwise more accessible space. The dungeon I currently use does have stairs, but an alternative venue can be arranged.

How It Works

Please note:

My rates will appear in Euros while I am located in Cyprus. Should I return to visit South Africa, they will revert to ZAR.

If you wish to book a session with Me while I am in Cyprus, rates are listed below.

There are a few different services that I offer, and each have different requirements.

Educational Sessions:

Simply book your educational session online. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the specific area of kink that you are interested in learning about. If I need any further clarification, I will email you.

BDSM Sessions:

All potential submissives are required to fill in an application form and attend a coffee date before any BDSM sessions take place, during which I am able to vet you. This can take place online, or in person if you are in Cyprus, or if I happen to be in your area. Please provide as much detail as possible on your application form, then book a coffee date here. Once you have successfully been through the vetting process, I will grant you permission to book BDSM sessions and/or purchase a pricing plan. No sessions or pricing plans that are booked without prior vetting will be accepted. This applies to keyholding and accountability plans and sessions as well.


    “Mistress Stern is a no-nonsense Mistress - if one thinks you are there for your pleasure and get what you want only, think again. There is no topping from the bottom once the parameters have been set. Do that at your own peril! 


You as Their slave are there to serve, which is done as Mistress Stern sees fit. Mistress Stern is articulate, cruel and kind all in one, you will never know what They are thinking. Mistress Stern has the extreme ability to read you like an open book in seconds and that brings a dynamic that you will not find elsewhere easily - it is an exciting experience."


Before contacting Me, read the notes below.

Failure to do so could result in you being ignored. Being open, honest and respectful is the best way to ensure a good session.

If you still feel unsure as to how to proceed AFTER reading My notes below, please consult this wonderful video composed by Domina Emilia on how best to write to and approach a BDSM Dominant before intitiating contact below.


Essential Notes

On interaction, limits and respect

How To Address Me

My name is Mistress Camilla Stern, and nothing else. It is not difficult, so I expect you to get it right every time. You may address Me as Mistress, Domina, Miss Stern, or Sir. Any other titles need to be negotiated.

When addressing Me, I expect you to use a tone of utmost respect. This applies to inquiries, emails about sessions, and all in-person communication and interaction.


I have some standard rules and boundaries that are absolutely non-negotiable. An attempt to negotiate with Me on these things is highly disrespectful and will not be taken lightly. You are not an exception. ​

Do not try to negotiate with Me about a deposit or regarding My rates. Do not ask for discounts. I calculate My rates based on the costs I incur. Pricing plans are available to those of you who are committed.


Make your message easy to read by using correct use of punctuation and grammar. I will judge you on this. Failure to do a simple spelling and grammar check may result in your message being ignored.

My Limits

I WILL NOT tolerate casual, familiar, objectifying or demeaning terms of address. This type of language will result in the deletion of your message.

I DO NOT provide any sexual services, and you would do well to remember this. I am passionate about bringing BDSM, kink and fantasy to life, however this does not extend to your sexual desires towards Me.

Ensure that the question of any sexual relations or My disrobing will never arise. Outfit requests are acceptable, but are granted at My discretion. The final choice is always My own.

I do not offer scenes involving My submission or switching in any form.

I do not offer scenes involving:

  • Scat

  • Humiliation directed toward your identity as queer, BIPOC, or disabled.

  • Anything illegal

Every scenario is different, so outside of these hard limits, do not be afraid to ask – I’m not easily shocked. If you are looking for something that is not featured on the application form, please email Me directly.

Please Note:

Consent violators and predators will never be welcome in My space or in My service.

I take allegations of consent violation and predatory behaviour extremely seriously. If one of My clients or someone at any of My events has committed consent violations or behaved in a predatory or unsafe manner, please assume that I am unaware and that I would like to know. Anonymous reports can be made through the following link. I will never share the information you provide Me with, and I will believe you.


Sessions Available


Coffee Date

Conversation and Scene Planning


Sit down with me, and let's talk. A coffee date is the space to discuss your desires in more depth, and your wishes, limits or specific requests for a scene in more detail. This is the space and time during which you may ask questions you have about your desires and how to enact them, and in which we can talk about the answers, and My willingness to engage in more in-depth scenes.

If you would like to meet Me for a coffee date outside of Cape Town Central, you will need to cover the cost of My transport to and from our meeting location.

The cost of the coffee is of course yours to cover.

Coffee dates can alternatively take place online.

BDSM Session

Find your Place Beneath My Feet

1 hour - €250

3 hours - €450

3 hours+ - To be negotiated

Let Me lure you over to the dark side for a little while. Lay your will and body at My feet, and experience what it is to be controlled and Dominated by Me for an hour, an evening, or perhaps an entire day. 

These sessions can be catered to couples and polycules, and to any experience level. Sessions with two Dommes or with Mistress Stern and another submissive may be requested and will be considered.

Educational Session

Expand your Knowledge and Skills

1 hour - €150

2 hours - €250

This service is a favorite among some of My clients, as it is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier kink life. 

I am not only a Professional Domme, but am also a BDSM and Kink Educator. An educational session allows you into a one-on-one discussion with Me with the goal of expanding your kink-related knowledge, and developing the knowledge and skills that will enhance your personal journey with kink and submission.


Progress Check-in

15 Minutes - €30

30 Minutes - €45

These sessions are designed to allow you to step back, relax, and evaluate your progress. I care about the progress and well being of My submissives. You can set goals with Me, to which I will hold you accountable. This is the time to assess how things are going, and to plan the way forward. 



Hand over control of your most basic urges

€300/R4000 per month


15 Minute Check-In - $30

Keyholding is an intimate and time-honoured dynamic in the world of BDSM. Find the deep satisfaction, and absolute anguish, in handing over control of your pleasure to Me. Keyholding services include a supervised lock-up session and regular check-ins.

If you have read the notes above, and are ready to secure your own session with Mistress Stern, go ahead and:

Payment for sessions can be made in cash, via instant EFT or to:
A deposit of 50% is required to confirm all sessions. Payment for coffee dates is required up front at least 24 hours before your booking.

If you require an alternative payment method, mention so in your session booking and/or application so that we may discuss your requirements further.

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