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KinkUp! 26 November

At the top of a wandering path lies a beautiful lawn and pool. People mingle in full fetish gear, and the owner comes up to greet Me. Warm lights shine from the playrooms ahead, and music and laughter abound.

This is KinkUp! at Epicure - the first of these events I've attended, and certainly one to remember. I bump into dear old friends and get acquainted with delightful new kinksters.

Last night's event was small for one of Epicure's events, and an intimate atmosphere mingled amidst the crowd. When few people were around, you could be sure to stumble upon them all around a corner, voyeurs to one of the night's many sensual plays.

I handed out a number of delightful spankings and enjoyed the social atmosphere that thrived in between the play spaces. The atmosphere was rich with hedonistic glee and sensual anticipation.

I look forward to seeing more of you at the next event.

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